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Escorting - The Full Picture

You may have been toying with the idea of escorting as a profession, or you may be toying with the idea of meeting an escort for the first time. In this article, Platinum takes a look at what the full picture means for all parties involved within the industry. Whether you are a model, an agent or a client, the one thing we all have in common is the full picture looks can look different for each of us. Below we explore each perspective

What's it all about?

The escorting industry is very different to what many people are used to. It can be fun, exciting, lucrative and challenging. Because of this, models and clients alike find themselves attracted to this world of mutual indulgence, guilty pleasures and instant gratifications. With so much money flying around, so many beautiful women, late nights in sensational locations with company that makes everything all about you, is very easy to lose yourself in. However like all things, too much of anything is never good for you! And this world is no different. Lets take a look at how this world looks for the very engine of the business :

The Escort:

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Money in the escort game is fabulous – there is no other way of putting it. If you manage to strike the balance of everything that you need in order to be a good escort, such as looks, personality and a good business mind, you will find yourself earning a pay packet that is nothing short of amazing.

Don’t spend your money on useless junk that won’t be important in 12 month’s time – instead, be savvy and invest in your future. Make sure you are debt free, travel, give your kids everything that they could need.

But don’t let the money melt through your hands because you will find yourself doing it forever, and you will never be able to come away from the escort industry if you want to. Having nice things is a perk of the job, but don’t make it the only thing that you have to show for it.

Just because you are escorting and it isn’t a stereotypical job to have, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat the job as you would any other. You get your returning clients by establishing yourself as a consistent, dedicated escort who offers high customer service, good marketing and an organised schedule. Always strive to be one step ahead of your business rivals and offer something bigger and better.

If get a booking through and say that you’ll be there, then be there – it really is that simple. Don’t give bad excuses, don’t let them down last minute and stay for the full time that they have paid for. If you are consistent, do what you say you will and ultimately ensure that your client has a good time, you will get those all-important regular clients, and regular clients means a regular, steady income.

You are not a prostitute – never forget this and never let anybody make you feel like you are. You are a professional escort and you should be able to use this professional attitude to keep control over your client at all times. By having this control, you always know what is going to happen.

Many clients get attached to an escort that they have used and whilst it is good to have regular clients, they need to remember that you a business providing a service for money. Don’t speak about things such as love or anything long-term as this could give them the wrong idea. Remaining polite and interested in what they have to say is essential as it reiterates your position as a professional who offers a well-rounded service and enjoyable company.

Being an escort isn’t something that is dangerous, but in order to succeed you need to keep your wits about you and remain professional incase an extreme situation, as rare as it may be, crops up.