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Escorting - The Full Picture

Escorting is a vibrant, lucrative and controversial industry which can be fun, frivolous and will see you having no shortage of amazing stories to tell. What attracts many escorts to the industry is the lifestyle of glamour, being able to decide their own working hours, and of course, the earnings are quite unlike what any other sector offers and can be, if used correctly, life-changing.

What attracts many clients is the countless selection of beautiful models who enter this industry, the connections that can be built and maintained, to have someone just a call away who can be confided in, the Bachelor lifestyle and the huge boost of confidence that can be gained from being the centre of attention from many gorgeous ladies!

As such, escorting has been an industry of mutually beneficial arrangement for clients and escorts long before any of our time, and that's what makes the industry relentlessly successful...

However, the frivolous lifestyle of the escort industry doesn't come without its risks. An industry unlike any other you will have come across - the vibrant, fast paced and lucrative nature of this industry can quickly become addictive to models and clients alike - and subsequent risks should be noted and considered at all times. Remaining vigilant and informed on the ways you can minimise risks to yourself are also tools for your success.

In this article, Platinum takes an objective look at the risks and rewards of the industry for both clients and escorts who entertain within it.

The Escort:

The most common goal for escorts who join the industry is to build a valuable list of regular clients, and make a substantial amount of money in a remarkably fast amount of time. Most escorts are highly ambitious, and will aim to build the money to invest in their long term dreams before gracefully stepping away from the industry. We meet many models who enter this line of work in order to fast-track their way to their aspirations. And many do succeed.

If working safely, legally and with awareness, money in the escort game is nothing short of amazing.

Some models will be extravagant with their money, and others will be savvy and invest in their future. Whatever a models choice, used correctly these earnings are a great way to live debt free, travel the world, and remain financially independent

Although, sadly, some escorts allow the money to sift through their fingers like sand, finding themselves unable to retire from the industry when they want to.

Sure, having nice things is a perk of the job, but don’t make it the only thing that you have to show for all your hard work. Save for a deposit on a home, invest into the stock market, study, train, and gain qualifications. So when you do decide to chase that eventual dream. You can do this with substantial momentum, leverage and financial support behind you. Always be conscious that escorting isn't a typical job, so if you're in it for the long haul, constantly adding strings to your bow and investing in yourself, will mean you never find yourself trapped when it's time to move into the next chapter.

With that said, just because escorting isn't a stereotypical job to have, this doesn’t mean that models should be careless or nonchalant with their business. Models achieve regular clients through maintaining consistency, delivering high customer service, and having a reliable diary and availability. Always stay one step ahead of the competition, and always offer something bigger and better. Better photos. Better bios. Better service on delivery.

Always be an escort of your word and stick to agreements you've made. If a time and a place has been arranged, be there when you say you will. Don't agree with proposals or bookings that you're uncomfortable with, as this can lead to not just unhappy clients but also potentially your own safety being at risk if you've not been firm with where your boundaries are. If you are consistent, reliable, up to date and honest you will get those all-important regular clients - and regular clients mean a regular, steady income.

Furthermore, being an escort doesn't make you a prostitute. Never forget this, and never let anybody stigmatise you in this way. You are a professional, and are empowered by having the right to choose who you meet, what requests you'd like to entertain, which can range from financial domination to simple dinner dates in the evenings. Which pay substantially well and do not include sexual contact.

That isn't to say that these contacts don't happen, but contacts of a sexual nature are exclusively up to the model and the client to decide between themselves, in private, if there is a mutual desire and consent for things to unfold this way.

Setting and maintaining your professional boundaries throughout your escorting career will also define the business you receive, and influence how you feel towards your job personally.

Clients will get attached to escorts - and whilst it is good to have regular clients, it can sometimes be forgotten that you are still a business providing a service. Over time, the lines between you as a professional, and you as a prospective friend/partner can begin to blur. And this is where you need to click in, and redefine those lines; else its a matter of time before you have over-familiar clients jostling for discounts, free time extensions, or imposing themselves on your spare time or non working days.

As an agency, this is probably one of the most common reasons we see models request to join - as well as the additional security and marketing benefits.

But if you don't have an agency to play the middle-man, how do you maintain professional boundaries in an industry which is based so heavily on company, attention and attraction?

Firstly, avoid topics such as love or what each of you desire from a long term partner, as this can send the wrong signals and give your client the wrong idea. Remaining polite and courteous, yet instinctive and highly responsive will ensure the company you're offering is one of top quality and enjoyment for both you and your client. Keep it light!

Secondly, avoid the topic of how many clients you've met on that day. This puts you on extremely subjective ground where an answer that is good for one client may be terrible for another. Some clients may like that you've seen a lot of clients before them, whereas other clients may have a distaste for it. Some clients may pull out if they realise you've seen only one client that week, thinking there must be a problem, Whereas some others may feel incentivised to come and meet you, preferring someone a little more 'exclusive'. More often than not, revealing the amount of clients you're meeting will have a negative outcome or can potentially terminate arrangements with a regular, long term client, so is a topic best avoided..

Other ways to set your professional boundaries would be to set the hours you can be contacted and enforcing them. This would be applicable to your clients and agent. Nobody should have to manage a workload outside of their scheduled working hours, and this is an important step for mental health and separation from the job.

Keeping contact with clients somewhat regular, but focused on date-planning or a few fun exchanges will have the dual benefit of leaving your client wanting more, and also helps you to avoid entangling yourself in a web of misplaced feelings and endless Q & A sessions.

Managing so much contact at once can be extremely draining. And it's important you're putting yourself first in your free time, so that you can deliver on the job when it counts.

Keeping your real name, personal contact details, social media and address confidential is also advised.

The Client:

Clients choose to see escorts for various reasons, All of which can be eluded to a good time. Meeting escorts is not a cheap hobby to have, and clients who book will usually have particularly stressful jobs, stressful home lives or just want to forget themselves for an hour or so, and indulge in some fun, temporarily relieving themselves from all responsibility.

As humans, we are social and fun loving by nature, and this bare necessity is part of the exciting appeal when it comes to meeting an escort. The need to be loved, noticed, appreciated, is something we can all resonate with at some stage in our lives..

As well as this, most escorts, being travelled and experienced within their locations, can provide valuable insider recommendations on incredible places to go or amazing venues to visit. Even places to avoid. Escorts can be a trustworthy contact with valuable information when staying in a new and unfamiliar location.

In our experience, we see models from all walks of life come through our doors, from accountants to carers, ex-banking clerks to private tutors, Far from the stigmatised stereotype. Classy, intelligent and trustworthy escorts can be found when looking in the right places.

With that said, clients who have been meeting escorts for some time, will already know that things don't always go smoothly. Clients should always do their due diligence before booking themselves in with any model or agency,.

While risks to client safety are relatively low, disappointments can come in the form of small misdemeanours such as a cancellations or change of meeting time/venue. Or you could be unfortunate enough to unknowingly partake in a scam that sees you out of pocket. When meeting new models, it's important several checks are made to verify the validity of who you're meeting. If going through a reputable agency, this significantly increases your chances of a successful date. However with lesser known agencies, or some select independent escorts this can be where unwanted problems occur

These problems vary, from escorts photos not being advertised accurately, being heavily photoshopped and airbrushed. Bait and switch operations where the model booked is not the model who arrives, Or taking payments upfront and failing to deliver on the service. Investing just a little time before your meeting can save you a lot more time, effort, and money, down the line.

So, what checks and due diligence can you do as a client to avoid scams?

Google image search. This will automatically bring up any associated photos on the internet, Where you can determine if this is indeed a genuine advert, or if it takes you to a stock image site, for example. Indicating that it is fake.

Escort reviews. Easily found and probably the best tool to gain insight from. Reviews will highlight any negative points that you can view before making contact. Deciding if these are negative reviews you are prepared to work with, It should be noted that not all review sites are reliable, well-meaning or reflective of a reviewers true experience. So comparing several sites to gauge the overall sentiment would be the best option in helping you make the best choice for you.

Call and enquire - Sometimes the best thing to do is just break the ice with a phone call and be direct. If you're looking at a photo of Candi and when you call, it is a Diego that picks up the phone, you can safely say you're being had and cut your losses there.

Now that you've done your research and decided you're going to make contact, things can quickly develop as your escort, or their agent returns their own due diligence on you.

Escorts naturally have a lot less to go on than a client when the initial contact is made, and depending on the disposition a model has towards meeting new people, the due diligence can be light and barely noticeable, or it can be a little more thorough, which is understandably common with new models, for example.

Typically. at minimum, escorts will want to know your age, ethnicity, type of booking required, when you would like to meet and how long you would like to meet for. Escorts with additional preferences may require a little more detail.

As long as its not your personal data being divulged, this is completely normal, and if your escort feels you are receptive, honest and transparent, your date should go ahead as intended

Just like real life dating, you will know if you and your escort are hitting it off. And if you're not, there's no shame in recognising that and moving on respectfully, it is part and parcel of the game after all.

Most professional and high end escorts will naturally have a deep sense of pride in the service they deliver, And would aim to ensure you've had a great experience in their company. As long as you've been honest from the start with your requirements and haven't sprung any last minute surprises or turned up smelling like a dump truck, the chances are you'll find yourself immersed in a world that is all about you, for the duration of the time that you have requested it

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