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The Dream Companion

When it comes to providing unforgettable experiences, the Platinum blog has everything you need to create the perfect setting, capture your clients attention and encourage them to indulge further into your magnetic company. In this post, we look at companionship from start to finish, and what it takes to make yourself a truly undeniable sensation.

First thing's first, decide if this industry is right for you!

Without a doubt, companionship in any sense takes hard work, strength and perseverance. But being the perfect model escort takes so much more. It takes self - motivation, understanding of business and communication, and consistency. Self - care is of the upmost importance too. While companionship can be one of the most financially lucrative choices a person can make, each date you entertain, along with the requirements or expectations, will be so vastly different from the last, so being adaptable and comfortable flourishing in different environments is key to every models success. Some clients will want to book models to join a party, some will want a companion for dinner. Others may require company at social occasions or simply want to stave off loneliness or a bad day by enjoying the closeness of another. Understanding the expectations each different client type may have is key! So don't arrive to dinner in your Reebok tracksuit!

To be successful, you need to know your stuff and keep learning! To be really successful, no matter how many dates you've had in your personal life, when it comes to dating clients, the dynamic changes. In a professional capacity, clients are paying for an entertaining, fun and memorable experience, so being able to quickly establish your clients needs and morph yourself accordingly, is what separates escorts who do well from the escorts who may not do so well. The small signs you give, and the signals your body language sends, will ultimately make a clients mind up as to whether they would like to see you again or not. Things like watching the clock, continuously checking your phone, or interrupting conversations will say little things about you that you're just not that interested, and this can do significant damage to securing repeat business and your reputation. However, if you're approaching your dates with enthusiasm, and with the intention of seeing your client become a regular face, this will increase your repeat business, and build a generous list of clients who appreciate your time and company as equally as you do theirs. And if an evening in your company is relaxing, entertaining and your visitors are talking about it - then you'll find your clients referring you to others, which will help your business grow and stay affluent.

With that said, it's undeniable that looks are the main basis on which prospective clients will initially search for escorts, especially men. But that said, it is your personality which will always get the hooks in. The majority of clients seek that special connection that they haven't found yet, and whether it's natural or acted on your part, if the client feels this connection with you, they won't go anywhere else in search of it. And with so much competition as more and more models enter the industry every day, it is your personality that cannot be replicated, and that your clients will return for. That is why as well as taking care of your appearance, you need to take care of yourself too, so that your personality shines equally to your beauty and you bag yourself a regular every time!

All in all, a mix of professionalism, dazzling looks and a magnetic personality will always ensure your long term success with clients. When it comes to what outfits to wear, sometimes the client will give an indication of their preferences, but the bottom line is to always present as classy, sexy and elegant, unless stated otherwise. It's important to remember that there is a big difference between prostitution and escorting, and it's encouraged to keep this in mind when picking your outfit for the evening and content for your advertising. Part of becoming the perfect companion is defining what makes the escort experience you provide so much different to the norm, and capturing the market who appreciate it. Ultimately, you are just another person going out on an arranged date, just maybe not looking for the longer term commitment yet.

So as well as looking your best, having a magnetic personality and dressing elegantly, what else makes the perfect companion? Well, one of the most important factors are intelligence. Having the smarts and intuition to quickly decipher what your client is looking for without saying a word, will noticeably separate and make you stand out from the competition.

However recognising the different personalities is one just one piece of the puzzle, being able to accommodate them is something else. You'll meet lonely clients, stressed clients, clients seeking marriage counsel, polite clients, rude clients, confident clients, shy clients, and the list of variables go on.

Whoever your client is, always stay relaxed, and keep the energy high. Be happy, smile, and engage your client in a way they've never been engaged before. The idea is to become the person that your client feels comfortable telling anything and everything to, which allows them to build trust in you and place a value on the time you share together. Be conscious of everything your body language says, switch on and connect to the personality that is in front of you. Wearing beautiful outfits and behaving as a partner would when you're out, will certainly entice the client to book for longer, enjoying your company more with future meets. Talk, entertain, tell stories and jokes, ask open ended questions to learn more about your client. Avoid boring topics and keep it light and fun.

As you can tell, there's a hell of a lot that goes into being the perfect companion, so it's important to keep yourself mentally strong, resilient and adaptable at all times. You will come across such a wide variety of clients, and that dynamic can make things challenging and demanding at times. You may even meet clients from time to time who will have you questioning all of your life choices, and dealing with these situations takes a lot of inner strength and a firm attitude to establish your boundaries with a client who may be pushy, for example. Escorts are paid exceptionally well, but the workload is equally proportionate, especially if working independently, and if you're not maintaining and taking care of yourself, it can take it's toll mentally. However, with time, experience, a good network and a strong character, you'll rarely find yourself in uncomfortable situations in the first place, and anytime you do you will have the experience of managing it well, ensuring things remain comfortable and relaxed.

As models adapt and become familiar with the demanding nature of this industry, like anything, you pick up a lot of lessons and tips along the way. Stay informed on market trends, the law and risky or reported clients in your area. In this business your safety is paramount, and enlisting the support of a reputable agency, or learning from others mistakes so that you don't repeat the same ones, will help you identify potentially demeaning as well as dangerous situations. Learning ways to market yourself effectively, attract and retain business, and maintaining a high standard of reviews will all contribute to your long term success and general marketability.

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