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The Perfect Client

The Platinum blog makes it simple for you to stand out from the crowd, and become a hit with the ladies! In this post, we’ll share some ways you can guarantee making a great first impression, provide an exciting atmosphere, and ensure your date is an exhilarating success every time!

Clients seek escorts for many reasons; they've had a long day, it's their birthday, it's a stag or hen occasion, they might even have weird and wacky things they'd like to talk about or try out, and need a non judgemental mind to confide in. Some clients can spend hours, even days searching the web for the perfect companion who they can share their time with, and most will want to establish a deeper connection with the models they eventually choose to meet. Once the model is finally nominated, after so much anticipation and pre-planning, the excitement, ( or nerves ) set in as the body floods itself with serotonin leading up to the meet. This can make it tempting to send an impulsive message or make a speculative call on sight, but if you're serious about meeting a model, laying the foundations correctly is vital if you're going to treat yourself and have a good time

First Impressions Count!

Right from your first call or first message, your date will have started building a picture as to how genuine your proposal is. Your companion can receive tens, even hundreds of calls and messages in a single day, and with so much contact to manage, it's understandable your date will likely be screening contact at source to determine which offers are of best quality and validity, while the rest go straight to the bin. So if you have a serious offer and want to make an arrangement, don't waste time and let it be known! And if your date is very popular, you'll need to stand out! Not too much pressure...

Avoid the small talk, and get straight to the business. Show your date you're a serious catch! Try to leave the cheesy one liners and jokes at this point, remember, you're trying to make yourself appear fun, friendly and a serious contender at this point! Providing a date, time, duration and location if necessary within your first few messages is the ideal way to secure with your date ASAP - and then the flirting begins. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want, and know when you want it. With so many clients beating around the bush and asking endless questions before fizzling out to nothing, this approach will be sure to catch your dates eye, and put you right to the top of the pecking order!

Smooth Arrival

Now that the finer details have been settled, a time and place is decided and the booking is confirmed, it's time to tie up a smooth initial contact with a smooth appearance, making your overall introduction picture perfect. Take your time to look your best. Present yourself clean, choose a smart outfit and add a splash of cologne. After all, you may be the one providing the tips, but you want your date to be enjoyable for both of you. As if your date is having fun and enjoying your presence, it's almost guaranteed you will be too!

If you're visiting, arrive on time and try not to leave a model waiting without good reason. Your date may also appreciate 5 minutes notice before your arrival, and will significantly reduce your own chances of waiting around once you've arrived!

If hosting yourself, have everything to hand and make yourself pleasurable company - be warm, welcoming, play music, have refreshments and condiments, and really set the mood; unless you're already one step ahead and have chosen a venue to do all the hard work for you!

Once you and your date have met and made introductions, be sure to pay your companion for their time as one of the first things you do. This will reduce any awkward or uncomfortable stand offs between you and your date as they're waiting for your payment, and whatever you do, don't be that guy who hasn't done his homework and arrived without enough money, or no money at all. Provided business is settled early, your date will so far be very impressed with your organisation, attentiveness and efficiency. Good stuff!

Build a connection that lasts

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, 'always leave them wanting more'. And this couldn't be more true for both parties when closing their date together.

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