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Access all areas grants you uncensored and unlimited access to all of our models portfolios, bio's, pictures and videos. Allowing you to make the best decision as to which models are best suited to you and your preferences. each models galleries are updated regularly with new pictures and videos highlighted on the News reel on the home page 



Platinum launches its very own VIP member loyalty reward scheme  

-VIP Member Loyalty Rewards-

Why not join Platinum's Exclusive VIP Member Reward Scheme and take advantage of the list of benefits we offer to our most dedicated.                                          The only agency who reward their clients 


Privilege 1

Access All Areas

Unlimited access to model 

portfolios, bios, pictures

and videos


Privilege 2 


Exclusive priority over booking times and dates for official Platinum members

Privilege 3

Sneak - Peek

Access to NEW 'Upcoming Models' Gallery

Privilege 4


20% off the cost of your 5th booking!


Exclusively for members

-VIP Member Loyalty Rewards-

Busy Schedule? No flexibility with time? 

Never miss out again with the priority advantage only available to vip loyalty rewards members. Meaning no matter what time you request, if your selected model is working within the hours you choose, we can move things around so members are always accommodated for without having to wait for the next available time, If for any reason this can't be achieved, you will be given precedence over the next best option that suits.

Regular client? Feel you deserve more reward? 

Then its time to get your VIP discounts. As A vip loyalty rewards member, you qualify for a 10% discount off of every single booking you make, no matter the length, Meaning all you have to do is decide on how to spend that little bit extra

Better yet! our discounts never come out of the model's pocket. But is at the courtesy of Platinum, so we can reward our best clients without affecting your favourite models earnings.

Keeping everyone  happy!  

Love to be the first client? 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS ALWAYS LAST! AND FOR THIS REASON, we have included an advantage that allows you to be THE VERY FIRST CLIENT our models meet before THEIR PROFILES ARE ADVERTISED and live for the rest of the world to see, SNEAK PEEK GRANTS ACCESS TO THE privately exclusive 'UPCOMING MODELS' PAGE. This shows you in brief detail the model portfolios currently accepted and being processed, AN EXPECTED START DATE, AND GIVES YOU THE ABILITY TO PLACE YOUR BOOKING WITH ONE OF the MODELS directly, so that you're in the diary ready for when the ladies start.

just message us to register your interest and we will take care of your booking in no time.  

as a platinum vip loyalty reward member, you can benefit from a huge range of advantages that not only give you all the insights into your favourite models, but also reward you in the best ways when you book through platinum. Below you can find out more details on how the platinum VIP member loyalty scheme works, and decide on it's suitability for you! 

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Sneak - Peek